Alynd’s goal is to get you aligned with others, with your teams and with your organization to accelerate your productivity, improve your performance and bring greater balance to your life, whether you are a manager or a contributor. We discovered the natural process of successful teams is that people make requests of each other to get clear about what is needed, that they keep their commitments adjusting as things change and ultimately they deliver the results as expected. When they are finished, they stop to review the results and provide each other feedback, helping each other improve and recognizing where they excelled. This is how they build their skills and their reputation. This is how they win.

That is exactly how we designed Alynd, to support that natural process of collaboration which creates a system of accountability where people do what they say they are going to do because they want to do it, they want to win for themselves, and for each other.

On a functional level, Alynd enables you to track the commitments that people make to you and you make to others every day in the flow of your work, so that you never forget what was promised. You are free to define custom teams with whomever you need to connect with to get the work done, across your organization or across organizational boundaries. You can also see the commitments that your colleagues on the same team make to each other, so you can be aware of the work going on around you, as we all hold ourselves accountable to those who impact most of our work lives: our colleagues and peers.

When you deliver on your commitments or when they are delivered to you, our solution then asks for an easy in-the-moment performance review of the work, so you both remember the context of what happened and recognize each other’s contributions. These reviews build up your digital reputation and skill set in your Net Trust Score. This reputation score doesn’t belong to your employer; it belongs to you.

It is this unique combination of commitment tracking, dynamic team collaboration, and an easy-to-use performance review system that sets us apart from others. We see this as an approach that serves the greater interest of both contributors and managers, putting everyone in control of their own workload, build trust directly with your colleagues and get more accurate reviews based the work you do together. With accountability and recognition, you will feel that you are getting more accomplished, and can show that to your leadership as proof that you deserve that bonus, promotion or future job opportunities.

Respect & EmpowerMission

Our mission is to advance humanity by respecting and empowering the individuals who are the engine of our economy and society – a mission that is shared by most business leaders, academics and change agents and especially defined by the leaders of Great Work Cultures. We seek to accelerate the rise of the future of work by embracing and amplifying the principles of mutual respect, true collaboration and personal accountability for our individual role in creating shared value. We do this by creating an evidenced based reputation system called the Net Trust Score that is holistically integrated into our flow of work using the Alynd methodology. We believe that if two people can get aligned and stay aligned, that if more people keep their commitments to each other on a micro scale, that eventually we will create the macro level impact on the world as a whole.


While working with some of the biggest companies in the world, Chris Heuer realized that the biggest, most expensive problem shared by all organizations was that people don’t always do what they say they are going to do. This results in operational delays, opportunity costs lost, financial waste and worst of all, an unrecognized emotional tax on all the people working in organizations that might just be that single biggest hidden line item in the budget — and most of us never even realize it!

Based on his personal experiences, his reading and the many anecdotes shared by others, he realized that a large swath of society had come to devalue the very notion of an agreement. Worse, that by clicking on Software license agreements without giving them a thought this was constantly reinforced. Why would someone honor their agreements if they felt it was trivial or that they saw others not having to live up to theirs. Then one day, after investing a week preparing for a big meeting on o a project with a big tech company, the client team showed up for the meeting totally unprepared. Rather then accepting responsibility for this, they blamed his team for not clearly communicating the purpose of the meeting, even though they actually had. Lacking proof, the dispute ended there and he drove up I-280 where he pulled over on the side of the road and jotted some notes on his iPad around lack of alignment, lack of clarity and the need for people to keep their word.

Those notes formed the genesis of the idea of Alynd, further extended by advisors, contributors, industry leaders and friends. From there Chris did what he does best, he started connecting the dots to other problems in the work place, work flow, collaboration, the context that is absent from most software, social interaction design, performance review systems, reputation and so much more. He re-imagined his original idea for the Net Trust Score in terms of personal trust instead of brand trust. He leaned heavily on his favorite books, The Four Agreements, Built on Trust, Work 2.0 and many more. He started talking and collaborating with people like Bill Sanders, who shared his 10 years of experience with Commitment Based Management. He built a strong advisory board of some of the smartest people he knew in disciplines where he had limited experience. He brought in Rawn Shah to create a higher level product and go to market strategy. He talked to lots of potential clients to figure out how to explain his vision and ultimately refined it to the current state based on their feedback.

We know the principles are sound. We know the research backs up our theory. Now, we have launched a private alpha of the Alynd software which is slowly trickling out to those who signed up for the alpha waiting list. It’s been a long year, but the end result has proven its been worth the effort. Get on the alpha waiting list and soon you will see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

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