We’ve all been in the situation where we are forced to do more with less. Whether it was through budget cuts at work, a loss of a job from the economic downturn or like myself as an entrepreneur just starting a new company. It’s such a common challenge that there are countless images and discussions about it. Often times the conversation focuses on complaints about how it’s not possible to get something done with less (time, money, people, resources) and equally filled with the retort “where there’s a will there’s a way”, in essence calling on people to be more creative and focused on finding a solution.

Maximize Your Productivity, Stop Wasting Your Previous Time, Get AlyndI’m excited to say that there has been a better solution in front of us all this time. We’ve just been unable to see the forest as we focused on the trees. When we looked at this challenge holistically, we found something even more amazing – we discovered why the way we are working isn’t working, conceptually and technically. It seems that our systems of communications and collaboration, which were supposedly designed to save us time and make us more productive have actually been wasting more of our time then they seemingly save. They are designed for us to work with the computer, not for us to work with each other.

With Alynd, we believe we can help you turn the tide to not only become more productive, but to work smarter, together.

As our name suggests, we think the solution is largely about being on the same page with your teammates, getting in sync with each other and sharing a common objective. But the real solution is even more fundamental than alignment, it’s recognizing the things that are exacerbating the problem. The fact is, we are all going too fast. Our “ready, fire, aim” culture is exactly why we haven’t reached our full potential in the workplace and in our communities. There are times when creative iteration is a necessity requiring an agile process and times when a plan can be easily drawn up and done right without multiple iterations.

The solution to doing more with less, in part, is that we need to slow down just a bit, to invest the time in getting better clarity about what we are doing and why we are doing it. We also need to realize that our word truly is our bond – we need to honor the commitments we make to each other, keep our promises and in the words of Don Miguel Ruiz, “be impeccable with our word”. If we each do what we say we are going to do, everyone gets more time to focus on what matters instead of wasting time and energy scrambling to pick up the mess.

In the process we discovered the natural way that successful teams work together to achieve their objectives. They make requests to get clear about what’s needed; they honor their commitments, asking questions to ensure clarity; and they review the results to recognize success and refine their skills. This is the simple, easy to understand methodology we built into Alynd, a SaaS solution to support self-management by facilitating collaboration with accountability.

Ultimately Alynd helps you do more with less by reducing the amount of effort, time and money we are wasting each and every day.

  • When we don’t understand what needs to be accomplished, we waste time doing the wrong thing.
  • Often times we waste effort when we focus on the wrong things
  • When we don’t communicate clearly, the lack of clarity not only wastes time and money, it also wastes emotional energy in the form of disappointment, resentment and frustration
  • When we come to expect certain people aren’t reliable, we waste energy imagining their excuses before they are even late
  • When projects miss their deadlines, we not only lose valuable time and money, but we lose opportunities we could have seized with that time.
  • When we lose trust in each other, we waste countless hours worrying about what will be done and what won’t, pre-imagining a bad outcome
  • When we don’t invest the time in getting clear with each other, we waste energy making assumptions about the motives and desires of co-workers
  • When we suffer from information overload, when our streams runneth over, we waste energy focusing on the less important things

These are just a few examples of the ways we waste time, money and resources that we have come to accept as unavoidable. But it’s not an inevitability. We can do something about it. We have the power to change this. We can embrace a better way of working together, human to human. We can choose to use software that helps us focus on what’s truly important. It’s really the only way we can do more with less.

Work smarter together, track your commitments and build your reputation with Alynd. Slow down just enough to get clear with your teammates, reduce the amount of time wasted on unnecessary work and push FUD out of your organization. By embracing this natural methodology of working together, we can maximize our productivity so that we are each able to accomplish more in less time, with less resources. More importantly, we can be happier and healthier by reducing unnecessary stress in our lives.

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