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Shhhhh, be vwery vwery quiet…

We may not be huntin wabbits, but we are beginning to quietly open up the Alynd Alpha to those who have signed up on our alpha waiting list (you can get on the list on our home page). It will still be a while before we open up for direct sign ups when we get to the beta phase, but earlier today we finally invited a few of the folks from our alpha waiting list to see what we’ve built. Over the weeks ahead I will be revisiting the many executives from agencies, large brands and SME’s who told me how much they wanted to try Alynd with their teams.

Join the Alynd Alpha Waiting ListFrom all our conversations about the future of work, from all of our research of existing solutions, from talking to hundreds of executives we realized that no single collaboration tool was creating any real accountability. It turns out, that in our efforts to get people on the same page, to align their self interests with their group’s interests, we had created just a solution that every organization, that every team leader and that every engaged contributor really need – collaboration with accountability.


Alynd enables you to track the commitments people make to you and you make to others so that you never forget what has been promised. It also gives you visibility into all the commitments made between other members of your team. While that’s a unique take on collaboration in itself, the accountability that comes from connecting each commitment with an easy-to-use performance review system is what sets us apart from others.

The Net Trust Score which is generated from those reviews is the embodiment of your professional reputation, a digital symbol of your ability and integrity. It’s a great way to recognize those people on your team who get the job done day in and day out, not just at the end of the year. Together, with your help, we will make it a factor in determining bonuses, promotions and future job opportunities. The Net Trust Score doesn’t belong to your employer, it belongs to you.

For us, it’s a holistic approach that enables people to work smarter together. A solution that supports the way successful teams collaborate. From a technical categorization perspective, we have integrated a collaborative productivity solution that helps you get more done together (commitment management & team collaboration), a simple review system that lets you provide feedback to your peers as work is completed (real time performance management) and a system of accountability that recognizes contributions while encouraging trust (online reputation management).

So what Alynd will do for you is invaluable. It brings greater transparency to your work environment, it gives you greater control and it rewards you for caring and contributing. That and a whole lot more.


Besides the obvious complexity in all of this, I underestimated how hard it would be to raise money and how difficult it would be to explain the story without the product. I’ve got quite a few stories to share at the next Failcon as a result.

Over the past few months, we were fortunate to get great feedback our advisory board and several of our friends, like the folks at Post Shift, Change Agents World Wide, potential clients and leading analysts which we were able to incorporate. From each, there was unanimous agreement that the problem we sought to solve was hugely valuable, that our concept was both useful and original and that the early version we built was less of an MVP and more of a crappy prototype. But we had a vision, know the pain and were properly motivated to persist, even in the face of numerous difficult moments, anyone of which could have ended our startup.

All the valid reasons and pathetic excuses aside, we took their input, assessed everything anew and with a new development team, set about refining our approach, our design and everything about the solution – except our plan and our strategy, which broadly remains in tact. Instead of continuing to talk to potential clients where I was generating tremendous interest we were unable to fill, I focused on the product. I focused on becoming a stronger CTO, supported and educated by friends and adhoc, part time team members who contributed to setting up basic devops, to improving the user experience and who helped us refine our story. It took longer then we would have liked while we truly boot strapped the development with a smaller team, but today we begin to test the product instead of merely selling the concept.

For those of you who know me personally, with whom I have spoken during this past year, you’ve probably heard a few dozen of the different ways I tried to explain what Alynd would do for people. None of those stories are any less valid today then they were when I shared them. It may sound crazy to some, but when you discover a universal truth, there are all sorts of ways to explain what you’ve discovered. Over the past couple of weeks however, our story took shape and we are finally able to set about sharing it more widely… well, almost ready.

In addition to our simpler explanation above, today Rawn published a part of an essay we wrote to share with analysts, academics and other leading thinkers on our vision for the future of work and Alynd’s role in it. Even if you aren’t interested in such things as intensely as we are, we think you will find it work a read. If you are analyst, or a blogger or anyone who wants to talk about it, please do share your thoughts on what we have gotten right and what you think we have wrong. If you are just a friend or former colleague who is wondering what all this is about, and want to know more about what we are actually doing. Well, that’s pretty simple, reach out and let’s schedule some time.

If you have read this far and want us to help you create greater accountability at your company, we’d be happy to talk to you, simply email and we will set something up for you. While we move through the alpha phase and start focusing on our beta product, we will be offering a select few customers workshops on “Getting Alynd to Improve Performance.” More then just a how to use the software sort of thing, the workshops are half day or full day educational sessions to help you turn your team around, increase productivity and get your team on the same page so they can be more succesful together. If interested, please do email us today.

Otherwise, stay tuned as we will finally be sharing more of our thinking on collaboration, accountability and reputation over the weeks and months ahead. Follow us on Twitter for updates or if you haven’t yet signed up for our Alpha waiting list, go register for that right now.

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