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In his first public talk about why he decided to build Alynd, Chris Heuer shares the lessons from his personal journey that lead to the realization that keeping our commitments and finding alignment with each other was essential for our mutual success and survival. We can no longer sit by and blame “them”, because “they” are us.

Listen to the 21 minute audio from the talk given at the BIL Conference in Vancouver, BC on Saturday March 22, 2014.

Chris Heuer Talks at BIL 2014 Vancouver - Photo by John Biehler
Photo by John Biehler


  1. Lydia Sugarman
    March 24, 2014

    Alignment has to extend beyond organizations to every interaction, every commitment, every agreement, with ourselves and with others. 

    Every time we show up for a Meetup, only to find that less than 50% or more are no-shows, essentially out of alignment with the commitment they made and often, preventing others from attending, it erodes the social contract, erodes our basic trust that people will do what they say they will do. How many times have you shown up for an appointment and the other person is a no-show? Or, they cancel while you’re en route to the meeting? Or, worse, show up only to tell you they don’t have time to meet because something “more important” has come up?

    I think the alignment that Chris is talking about is about demonstrating basic decency in all our relationships.

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