A next generation productivity tool for the social professional.
Adding context to your collaboration helps you focus on what matters most, making and keeping your commitments while ensuring you don't overcommit yourself
Getting clear about what others expect from you saves time and money while removing unnecessary emotional distress from your work and your life
When you deliver on your commitments, you earn the trust and recognition of your peers, solidifying your reputation as a professional with integrity and ability


Working inside big companies isn't working, and it's not entirely the employees fault. The real challenge is that our so called productivity tools, email, to-do lists, file sharing, calendars and even enterprise social networks are missing both the context to make them more relevant and the accountability to make them useful. Alynd offers a holistic solution that helps you focus on what matters most, the commitments you have made to others and that they have made to you. By looking at collaboration through the lens of the commitments we have made, we can ignore much of the extraneous noise and start delivering on time, on quality. With Alynd, when you do deliver on your commitments, you are rewarded with a boost in your reputation, through what we call the Net Trust Score - a measure of your integrity and your ability.


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Why Did Chris Heuer Start Alynd?
Why Did Chris Heuer Start Alynd?

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The Future of Work and Careers
The Future of Work and Careers

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The Employee Agreement
The Employee Agreement

Today (Friday September 20, 2013) I am in New York City participating in the Work Revolution Summit. While I have many professional and p ...

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