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Get your teams on the same page, work smarter together
Get teams on the same page with their work, and keep communicating, checking in or asking questions as needs change over time
Show respect for each other in the commitments you make together by asking for consent and striving to deliver on time and as agreed
Deliver results to earn the recognition of your peers and build your reputation as a professional with integrity and expertise based on real evidence.


When we try to collaborate, we ask people to work with us. We make requests of them. We get their cooperation through consent. We strive to be clear with each other on what is needed and make commitments to do the work. How well we collaborate -- or conversely, how hard it is to collaborate – is about how well we keep our commitments and stay our expectations aligned even as situations and needs change. When we deliver the results our colleagues expect and keep on time, we earn their trust. This strengthens our work relationships and earns recognition of our abilities and expertise. This recognition encourages more people to want to work with us, elevates our professional reputations, and progresses our careers. This is how the Alynd holistic solution accelerates collaboration with accountability in our natural flows of work.


How to hold stand-up meetings that foster accountability
How to hold stand-up meetings that foster accountability
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The stand-up meeting (also known as the daily scrum) is one of the true crossover ideas of the agile development movement. Visit the offices of most leading companies today, and you’re bound to see ...

Mutually Assured Production
Mutually Assured Production
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“I would stand at the subway and I’d say, ‘I’m Ed Koch, I’m your congressman,’ and people would just rush by, thinking of me more as an impediment to their getting to the office on time. A ...

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